Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lovesick Corrective Apparel Bra in Feb.2011 Fashion Magazine

An emerald green silk retro styled bra was shot by Fashion Magazine. Here it is :

The same issue has a shoot with Line Knitwear, with some retro bras lurking under the fabulous knits.

Lovesick Creates Bras for Line Knitwear's 2011 SS Runway

Line Knitwear is a Canadian company that produces high end knitwear. Lovesick was approached to create some retro styled bras for their 2011 Spring/Summer Runway looks. This was particularly exciting as not only were they showing at Toronto Fashion Week, they also were showing for the first time at New York Fashion Week ! Line got lots of great press, and here and there a bra showed up in media picks. Have a look:

Check out Line knitwear's site -- they are doing great, with lots of celebrity and tastemaker clientele:

One of the bras has showed up in the Feb/2011 issue of Flare Magazine:

Here's a pile of bras for them. I don't know if the bras will go into production -- but if you want one ask 'em .

Lovesick Corset Spotted on Fashionista514 Blog

Montreal blogger Fashionista514 covered the Bridal Boudoir Affair 2010  in this December and took a stroll down the runway for Andrea Hausmann Photography's segment. She looks beautiful ! I also especially love the unimpressed suspected bride audience's expressions ! You can check out her coverage of the event here:

Andrea Hausmann and her team knocked themselves out highlighting different looks from her studio wardrobe. I know there must be more photos of her segment out there. Please pass them on if you've got them !

Here is the corset, Mauve heavy satin with lace appliques and velvet garters, and a velvet bow: