Monday, November 19, 2012

Lovesick Items That Didn't Make it !

These are some faux orthopedic appliances that were made for the i-D shoot that didn't make the final cut. Hit or miss ?

Beige coutil Skeleton Neck brace/bra combo. 

Infinitely convertible trolley garter belt brace-ish garment.

Pink leather traction-inspired Head Brace.

Tearose cotton sateen traction-inspired headbrace, with boning and ruffles. Mortifying !

Lovesick Corsets in i-D Magazine !


Several Lovesick pieces are in i-D magazine's Role Model Issue (September 2012) !

Stephanie Seymour wears a black orthopedic styled corset (above) while Linda Evangelista wears the same brace, backwards(below):

Look closely at the photo on the right, and you will see a beige coutil back brace, by Lovesick, too.

Two more amazing pics of Stephanie Seymour, in Lovesick braces, after the jump, as they are NSFW (nudity):

Lovesick Brace Photos from Sept.2012 i-D

These are photos of the Lovesick braces that were photographed for  Sept. 2012 i-D magazine's "Role Models" issue:

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Marquis # 55 cover with Jade Vixen wearing Lovesick !

The famous, beautiful and super intelligent Jade Vixen wears a custom Lovesick Skeleton Collar and Skeleton Cincher on the cover of Marquis # 55, print edition out now !

I can't show you everything (some is NSFW) because you need to buy your own copy ! Jade Vixen refers to Lovesick Corrective Apparel as "her beloved corsetiere". 

Jade Vixen also models some clear plastic and clear plastic and lace accessories by Lovesick.
Photos by Peter Czernich.

Some pics of the garments:

TAIZA Poster with Lovesick Western Corset

 Toronto DJ duo TAIZA did a photoshoot for their latest event, and that western themed Lovesick corset made a cameo appearance. Art direction by TAIZA, make-up and wardrobe styling by Liza Kelly, photography by Andrea Johnson.

Check out their monthly events that happen at Margaret, 2952 Dundas West (Toronto), for an all vinyl dance night, with an exciting blend of whatever they feel like playing. Sexy Equadorian disco, Martin Denny, Parliament Funkadelic, obscure Folkways drumming, alleged Haitian voodoo ritual recordings, sleazy dance numbers, and maybe some 50's musicals, too. Dress glamorous !

Here are a couple of alternate pics from the shoot:

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lovesick in L'Uomo Vogue, worn by Katy Perry

Katy Perry wears an olive green and black twill Lovesick military corset in the July/August 2012 Issue of L'uomo Vogue. It is identical to the one pictured above, without the buckled hips. 

Styled by the incredible Patti Wilson.

Lovesick Crystal Blindfold in Numero # 134

Lily Donaldson wears a Lovesick jet crystal blindfold, in Numero issue # 134(June/July 2012). A matching blue leather bra was also pulled for the shoot, but did not make the final cut. Styled by the incredible Patti Wilson.

Corseted Kerosene Deluxe in Bondage !

Beautiful Kerosene Deluxe shows off her extraordinary figure in that infamous black patent crocodile corset !

Photography by Shimona Henry

Make-up and Styling by Kerosene, of course.

From the Archives: Lovesick Red Silk Playboy Bunny Corset

I honestly don't remember what year this was. Early 2000's, somewhere. Tanya Cheex, from  burlesque troupe Skin Tight Outta Sight commissioned a custom Playboy Bunny ensemble. The corset and bunny ears were made from red silk peau de soie, and I made a satin cuff and collar. Tanya must have come up with the tail somewhere. The corset was underwired and had internal boning, and was quite a process to put on (lots of lacing!). 

Tanya Cheex went through her archives, so I am finally able to share these.

P.S. Unknown photographer: Please speak up for a  credit and a link 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lovesick Accessories in Magpie Darling Magazine !

Black Leather "Allen Jones" collar worn with black leather retro bra.

Black Patent Croc Leather Bra.

Black Patent Leather Skeleton Collar.

You can preview the "Going Grey" editorial at Fashion Gone Rogue:

I think this is in issue # 26:

Styled by the fabulous and helpful Dana Goldenberg:

Shot by the aesthetically wise Lily and Lilac:

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

From the Archives: Widow

I recently came across some images of Widow that were shot by Martin Goldie in 2004. They never went up on the site, because I never was able to get the completed files. Well, I'm finally done waiting so here are the uncorrected proofs. They look stunning to my eye, anyhow.

Widow was wearing the raspberry brocade 1907 corset, with some early 20th century cotton stockings purchased at a thrift store for $0.50. Sadly the woven pattern detail around the ankle and lower calves is barely visible. They were a nice match.

Widow was wearing a red silk pointed cincher, with contrasting black casings with red stitching and silk flossing, and a corset collar with prong set jet crystals. The photos were shot in a truly frightening rooming house type place, above a crummy strip club. One of the residents saw us with photo equipment and asked if we were "shooting a porno". Martin managed to use the available light and location to his advantage -- none of the photos looked they were shot in this horrible, scummy place at all !

If you see Martin Goldie, please ask him to send the corrected proofs now...