Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jessica LaBlanche in Military Underbust Corset

Jessica LaBlanche models a khaki twill military underbust corset. Shot by Andrea Hausmann. Shown in a different color, with insignia (below):

Divinesque in Silver Glitter Vinyl Ensemble !

Drag performer extraordinaire Divinesque performing live (not lip syncing)at Toronto Pride, 2010 wearing a custom silver glitter vinyl bullet bra and matching corset. Looking FIERCE ! Check out the amazing video about what it takes to be Divinesque :

Widow Shot by Chas Ray Krider

Widow, circa 2004, shot by Chas Ray Krider. She is wearing a leather Vicious Cincher, custom foil stamped with the word "Deviant" over and over, with faux leather pants with the lace through crotch.

Autopsy neck brace.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Chocolate Mint Corset

This corset was donated to a fundraiser for the Willow Center for Breast Cancer Support. This was on display with other embellished and modified items of lingerie at Toronto Fashion Week (circa 2005 or 2006). There had been a vaguely food themed concept for the fundraiser. Brown velveteen, and brown dupioni silk suggested chocolate, and the contrasting mint details added an icing like effect. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wonder Woman Corset

This corset was made for one of Wonder Woman's biggest fans. It is heavy satin, with many, many handcut leather appliques. The best of the 1970's Lynda-Carter-as-Wonder-Woman-from-both-t.v.-network's costume elements were combined. It doesn't fit the antique dressform that well, as this Wonder Woman was still living undercover as a man at this time...

Promotional Video For Sutherland Models, Fall 2010

The video is a promo for their current roster of models. Many glamorous leggy beauties in corsets and lingerie on the loose at night in Toronto, with a catwalk lineup at Dundas Square. Lovesick didn't supply all the corsets for the shoot -- but there are a several throughout. See if you can spot them all:

This 18 second clip has a nice shot of the Vicious Cincher made from clear plastic:

Clear Plastic Vicious Cincher

Silver Leather Vicious Cincher

 Black Leather Vicious Cincher covered in black Swarovski crystal beads

 Ivory Patent Leather Skeleton Cincher

 Black and Ivory Silk 1880's Corset
There's a black leather Vicious Cincher in the shoot, too...

The piece was beautifully shot by Christopher Wadsworth: 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jessica LaBlanche in Grey Silk 1907 Lovesick Corset

Jessica is wearing the 1907 corset in grey silk. I snuck a little devotional portrait of Alan Vega from the band Suicide onto the bow. Hunt down a copy of Alan Vega's first two solo albums, circa 1980, 81 -- self titled and "Collision Drive". Minimalist rockabilly = thrilling.

Burgundy Leather Collar and Corset


Metallic Ivory Patent Leather Corset with an 18" waist.
Photo: A Johnson, 2008

Brown Sateen Corset

Photo: A.Johnson 2005

Shadow Ball 2004 at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Somehow this update kept slipping through my former web designer's fingers and never got posted...

The Shadow Ball was a gala Halloween fundraiser for the AGO. For the second year in a row Lovesick Corrective Apparel was invited to dress a model, and to attend the event.

Widow was my model for the evening. The premise was that she was the Virgin Mary, on a date with the Devil, before God stepped in. She was radiant in a matte silver leather corset, with matching leather and metallic lace sleeves, and an invisible skirt. Her pure heart burned brightly. The Devil, however, was trying to put on a good show, and was trying to say all the right things. Anyone who looked closely would notice that the Devil's heart was rotten, and surrounded by a halo of flies. The Devil was kind of spineless, and therefore needed a back brace. What the Devil didn't know was that his important tail was tied in a knot -- therefore rendering him powerless.

I don't know if you can tell in the photo but I was suffering from a terrible headache, and did not get my costume completed due to my former neighbor, "Frankenstein", slammer of doors at all hours, who took offense at my late night sewing and pounded on my floor at 2:30 a.m. Or maybe the headache was caused by the little plastic nun finger puppets I made into devil horns. As much as I was trying to wear the Devil, the Devil was wearing me. 

Zink Magazine, Summer 2010

Several Lovesick items are scattered throughout the editorial including the ivory patent leather Skeleton Cincher:
The Victorian Back Brace(worn backwards on model):

The Croc-Embossed patent leather underwire bustier(it's there on the model in the teal dress):

A clear plastic bra and bustier(they had no use for the garter belt, though!):

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Secret # 35 with Kerosene Deluxe in Lovesick

Secret Magazine has a layout of bombshell Kerosene Deluxe modeling a range of Lovesick corsets, with photography by Andrea Hausmann. And there she is, showing off her spectacular curves on the cover !

Io in Cobalt Blue Suede and Black Patent Corset

Io, looking beautiful, shot by Kelly Lind/makeup by Alex LaMarsh. The corset has a corded bust, exterior waist detail and lots of bones. This corset was "lost" by UPS in Chicago -- so if you have seen it floating around, worn by someone who is not Io, and not from this photoshoot, email me the sordid account. Here is that corset in detail:

Toro Magazine Interview 2008

Check out this rather long interview about Lovesick Corrective Apparel. There's a photo gallery, too.
(That's Jade Vixen above, modeling her 16" corset ).

PULP Magazine with lots of Lovesick

PULP Magazine is a new entity in online fashion publications, with a strong leaning towards stylized art direction. Uber fashion stylist and magazine founder Julianna Schiavinatto has sprinkled Lovesick accessories throughout -- but you'll have to look closely -- many of the clear plastic items are nearly invisible.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Burlesque Festival 2008 Breast Cancer Fundraiser Bra

Hard patent leather underwire bra, with silver leather detail. The cups are perforated with stars and random holes. The tassels for the pasties are made from human hair. A silver foil-stamped inscription has the inscription "Absence makes the heart grow fonder". This was donated to a silent auction for a breast cancer fundraiser that happened in conjunction with the 2008 Burlesque Festival. I was thinking about all the things that go along with breast cancer, like needle biopsies, how hair becomes very important as chemotherapy poisons it right out of the body, and the anguish and hope that comes from waiting for a test result to say that it(cancer)is not there. I guess it was too earnest -- it went for $ 50.00.

Detail of Fox Spirit Costume for film "The Ache"

The costume was done in the spirit of Mrs.Haversham, in Great Expectations, in that it needed to look like it had sat abandoned, waiting for some time. The Fox Spirit appears in Asian mythology as a malevolent spirit that is able to transform itself into a beautiful young woman to engage in trickery. It transforms itself by placing the skull of a virgin on its head, and jumps three times under the full moon. There are tales about the fox spirit's wedding, but no one has ever seen this...

"The Ache" was written by Louise Bak and produced and directed by Keith Lock. Her contention was that the fox spirit was very powerful, and even as it wed, needed to be controlled. The dress costume was made from red heavy satin, discarded lace curtains, human hair, gold leather, velvet ribbon, red patent leather. The long bondage mitts are lockable.
The actress in the film never wore this. It appears dressed on an antique form in the corner of her home, gathering dust and waiting...

Lovesick Corrective Apparel in Italian Vogue June 2008

Metallic pewter lace printed leather corset and bra. 
This corset was also made for the shoot but didn't make the final cut: