Monday, November 14, 2011

Lovesick Crystal Extravaganza Costume

Tearose silk corset, with wide lace applique, and many, many gross of crystals, was created for burlesque performer Miss Mitzy Cream. It is very difficult to capture in the photo, but the design of the patterns in the lace were heavily embellished with tiny jet crystals:

A plain strapless bra(purchased from La Senza) was also embellished with lace detail and many, many crystals:

A closer look:

There was also a matching silk and lace skirt(not documented, ooops!). The ensemble was rounded off with an ensemble from Trashy Lingerie, in Los Angeles, which was modified with jet crystals painstakingly applied to each tiny polka dot and the existing lace applique. 

If you see Miss Mitzy Cream performing in this, tell her to send a nice video of the act and some stills !

Sauci Calla Horra Performance with Notorious Lovesick Pussy Skirt

I just found a video of Sauci Calla Horra's (from Skin Tight Outta Sight troupe, Toronto) performance with the (in)famous Pussy Skirt. Check it out -- her piece is really great:

Lovesick Skeleton Cincher in Filler Magazine Online

The patent leather skeleton cincher makes yet another appearance in an editorial !

Update: Here it is:

(However, the model is wearing it upside down ! Sssshhh! )

There is also a patent leather bra peeking out of the blouse. I think it is this one:

but it might be this one:

Filler Magazine shoot was styled by the fabulous Nadia Pizzimenti.