Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lovesick Medical Corset in German Vogue (November 2014)

Holy Moly ! Worn by the stunning Nadja Auermann !

Nadja Auermann looks so fantastic it is nearly impossible to even notice what she is wearing. The corset is a black leather medical inspired brace, with three sets of cluster lacings and straps, and button on suspenders. The stylist switched the direction of the straps so they cross in the front.

Styled by the beyond reproach Patti Wilson.

Lovesick Briefs in Chloe Magazine (Fall/Winter 2014)

The ghost of Poison Ivy's (guitar player from the Cramps if you don't KNOW that) "A Date With Elvis"(c.1986)wardrobe met and mated with some dimly felt hair-metal-loving-gal's Saturday night go-go underpants that were made by an Atomage fan. That sums up these old school unlined thick leather high cut briefs, with zippers, and elastic panel and back laces.

Once again, styled by the fantastic Joanna Plisko, shot by Richard Dubois.

Lovesick Corset on Kelly Lee DeKay on Jezebel ?

Jezebel.com featured a story on Kelly Lee DeKay. In the main pic, where she is holding the pink machine gun - well that's a custom Lovesick Vicious Cincher she is wearing ! I can't download the pic, but you can go straight to the story:


or check out her instagram:


Lovesick Cincher in Superior Magazine !

The clear plastic Vicious Cincher asserts itself again in the Superior Magazine editorial "Harsh Light of Day":

The black patent leather underwire bra is also featured.

I can't seem to download it, but the black orthopedic corset is also in the editorial. You will have to visit Superior Magazine to see for yourself !

Beautifully shot by Richard Dubois, and styled by Joanna Plisko (aka Red Fashion)