Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lovesick Burlesque Costume is accidently Fashion !

Sauci Calla Horra from the legendary Toronto Burlesque Troupe Skin Tight Outta Sight approached Lovesick Corrective Apparel to build her a very special costume for their Valentine's Day production. The Valentine's extravaganza is loosely based on the book Voluptuous Panic, about Weimar Berlin, with lots of cynical decadence. Sauci brought sketches and notes, and this is what was created:

A black velveteen bolero and skirt, trimmed with black human hair, worn over a pink satin corset that sparkled with thousands of pink and AB crystals

The skirt holds a surprise, though. When it was removed, the meaning of its pink satin innards was unmistakably revealed !

The rest of the ensemble was modified department store lingerie, with perverse conversions such as snap off heart shaped crystal encrusted nipple covers and tear away sides of the panties.

It was a confusing moment, however, when not one but two designers had their runway shows for Fall/Winter 2012 and showed black skirts that appeared to be trimmed with black human hair !

Here is John Galliano for Dior:

And Gilles Deacon: !

Skin Tight Outta Sight are greater visionaries that I had imagined ! I was just the conduit for this design -- it was conceived by Sauci Calla Horra and Tanya Cheex.

Photo of Sauci by Toni Wallachy: