Monday, November 19, 2012

Lovesick Items That Didn't Make it !

These are some faux orthopedic appliances that were made for the i-D shoot that didn't make the final cut. Hit or miss ?

Beige coutil Skeleton Neck brace/bra combo. 

Infinitely convertible trolley garter belt brace-ish garment.

Pink leather traction-inspired Head Brace.

Tearose cotton sateen traction-inspired headbrace, with boning and ruffles. Mortifying !

Lovesick Corsets in i-D Magazine !


Several Lovesick pieces are in i-D magazine's Role Model Issue (September 2012) !

Stephanie Seymour wears a black orthopedic styled corset (above) while Linda Evangelista wears the same brace, backwards(below):

Look closely at the photo on the right, and you will see a beige coutil back brace, by Lovesick, too.

Two more amazing pics of Stephanie Seymour, in Lovesick braces, after the jump, as they are NSFW (nudity):

Lovesick Brace Photos from Sept.2012 i-D

These are photos of the Lovesick braces that were photographed for  Sept. 2012 i-D magazine's "Role Models" issue: