Wednesday, March 14, 2012

From the Archives: Widow

I recently came across some images of Widow that were shot by Martin Goldie in 2004. They never went up on the site, because I never was able to get the completed files. Well, I'm finally done waiting so here are the uncorrected proofs. They look stunning to my eye, anyhow.

Widow was wearing the raspberry brocade 1907 corset, with some early 20th century cotton stockings purchased at a thrift store for $0.50. Sadly the woven pattern detail around the ankle and lower calves is barely visible. They were a nice match.

Widow was wearing a red silk pointed cincher, with contrasting black casings with red stitching and silk flossing, and a corset collar with prong set jet crystals. The photos were shot in a truly frightening rooming house type place, above a crummy strip club. One of the residents saw us with photo equipment and asked if we were "shooting a porno". Martin managed to use the available light and location to his advantage -- none of the photos looked they were shot in this horrible, scummy place at all !

If you see Martin Goldie, please ask him to send the corrected proofs now...

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