Saturday, November 6, 2010

Io in Cobalt Blue Suede and Black Patent Corset

Io, looking beautiful, shot by Kelly Lind/makeup by Alex LaMarsh. The corset has a corded bust, exterior waist detail and lots of bones. This corset was "lost" by UPS in Chicago -- so if you have seen it floating around, worn by someone who is not Io, and not from this photoshoot, email me the sordid account. Here is that corset in detail:


VonLivid said...

I miss this corset so much. The pink and gold is beautiful but this one was stunning. I was said never to receive it.

Lovesick Corrective Apparel said...

A pox on whoever thieved it, and a super pox on the courier company who made us jump through so many hoops to get the refund for an item that was stolen due to their level of service. It never happened before or since -- but I have stopped using that company, too.

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