Friday, November 5, 2010

Detail of Fox Spirit Costume for film "The Ache"

The costume was done in the spirit of Mrs.Haversham, in Great Expectations, in that it needed to look like it had sat abandoned, waiting for some time. The Fox Spirit appears in Asian mythology as a malevolent spirit that is able to transform itself into a beautiful young woman to engage in trickery. It transforms itself by placing the skull of a virgin on its head, and jumps three times under the full moon. There are tales about the fox spirit's wedding, but no one has ever seen this...

"The Ache" was written by Louise Bak and produced and directed by Keith Lock. Her contention was that the fox spirit was very powerful, and even as it wed, needed to be controlled. The dress costume was made from red heavy satin, discarded lace curtains, human hair, gold leather, velvet ribbon, red patent leather. The long bondage mitts are lockable.
The actress in the film never wore this. It appears dressed on an antique form in the corner of her home, gathering dust and waiting...

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